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Postcode District Maps - six maps covering Great Britain, showing the first half of the postcode

Postcode District Map Series
This District map presents the complete first half of the Postcode (or Outward Code) and is one of six pre-defined sheets that covers Britain at a scale of an inch to 5 miles. The District maps include all of the Postcode changes from the most recent Royal Mail Postcode Update. The Area and District boundaries appear prominently in red with County and Unitary Authority boundaries displayed in purple. The map base shows motorways, primary and ‘A’ and ‘B’ roads and features conurbation shapes highlighting major towns and cities. Some District sheets also contain large scale city plans within the sheet’s catchment area.

Customised Postcode Maps
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Postcode District Key Map


How District Postcodes Work

The District is denoted by the number or numbers that complete the first half of the Postcode (or Outward Code). There are just over 2,900 Postcode Districts, an average of 21 Districts within in each Area, and the average number of delivery points within each District is 8,200.

Example: SW6

Postcode District Map Range

D1 Southwest England & South Wales
D2 Southeast England & the Midlands
D3 Wales & the Midlands
D4 Northern England
D5 South & Central Scotland

D6 Northern Scotland

Sheet Details

Size 91 x 127 cm (36 x 50 inches)
Scale 1:320 000 (5 miles to 1 inch)

District Map Detail

District Map 6 District Map 5 District Map 4 District Map 3 District Map 2 District Map 1
Postcode District Map 1 Southwest England & South Wales (Cardiff & Bristol) Postcode District Map 2 Southeast England & Midlands (Birmingham, Bristol, London) Postcode District Map 3 Wales & the Midlands (Liverpool, Birmingham, Cardiff, Bristol) Postcode District Map 4 Northern England (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Leeds, Manchester & Liverpool) Postcode District Map 5 South and Central Scotland (Glasgow, Edinburgh & Newcastle-upon-Tyne) Postcode District Map 6 Northern Scotland (Uist, Orkney & Shetland)