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Welcome to the new digital resource bank for teachers. The aim of the bank is to provide a regularly updated set of resources for use in the classroom. All applications are in flash so can be viewed in any web browser, PowerPoint or Whiteboard presentation.

New resources will be posted on the Geopacks site every couple of months. To receive notification and access please register your email address and contact details. Each month you will receive an access link to the newest releases.

 All our resources at have been written and designed by our software developer Rick Cope. Rick is the ex-Head of Geography at Backwell School near Bristol. Prior to this he was Director of Castle Head Field Centre in the Lake District for 10 years, providing residential environmental adventure and fieldwork opportunities for all ages. Rick is author of the Geopacks range of educational software for geography and is co-author of Easibooks Secondary Geography content for Interactive Whiteboards. He worked with the Ordnance Survey on their innovative ‘Our Favourite Places’ project and advised on the content for the ‘Mapzone’ and ‘GISzone’ websites. Rick runs courses for trainee and practising teachers on using ICT in fieldwork and how to use Interactive Whiteboards to enhance Geography teaching. He is currently working as a consultant with BBC Education on their Digital Video Clips library. Rick is an active member of the Geographical Association, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a Chartered Geographer. In 2004 he received the RGS Ordnance Survey Award for Contributions to Excellence in Secondary Geography Teaching.

Free Teaching Resources

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  Keyhaven Saltmarsh (5MB)

Resource Archive

  Living Graph (2MB)             Storm Hydrographs (3.2MB)               Glacial Landscapes (3MB)