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Schools Atlases

Our detailed and precise Collins World Atlases are ideal for students of all ages, with well-researched and uncluttered designs. Ideal as maps for education, these informative and easy to read maps make a great teaching resource, and with their clear reference maps, fact boxes and text are also ideal for independent study.  

As well as World Atlases, we also offer Collins World Watch, a visual guide to the world’s demographic, economic and environmental situation, alongside its trends and future predictions. Each topic is well presented by clear world maps, tables, graphs and photographs, making it easy for students to read and absorb the information.

Atlases for Schools

Designed specifically for young geographers, our range of Atlases make great learning materials for classes across the Key Stage groups, allowing students to research and learn independently.  For a more involved learning experience, the Collins Virtual World provides a range of interactive atlas and mapping activities. Ideal for the key stage 2 student, this program allows specialists and novices alike to deliver the concepts of distance, scale, projections and special-topic mapping etc. in an innovative and exciting way.