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About Map Marketing

Map Marketing Ltd is a family of businesses that was formed back in 1978. Based in South-West London, with its production and warehouse facilities in Devon it is active in a number of markets and operates under a number of brand names:

Business Maps

Under the Map Marketing brand we supply stock and made-to-order encapsulated and framed maps and charts, both online and to the stationery trade.

Unique Map Gifts

The company has a map gifts website, Butler and Hill. We sell our gift products in the UK, throughout North America and in Europe.

Educational Products

We operate an educational website Geopacks which supplies a comprehensive range of geography teaching aids, many of which are own-manufactured or published.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Our online jigsaw retailer All Jigsaw Puzzles is the UK’s leading online retailer of jigsaw puzzles, offering a huge range of over 1700 jigsaws. In 2014 we acquired Ryco Originals which makes jigsaw puzzles for the gift trade and this company now operates under the Map Marketing brand.

Map Marketing Limited is registered in England and Wales, Registered No 1470922. Registered office: 4a Hatchmoor Industrial Estate, Devon,EX20 3LP