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Personalised Gifts for Kids

Gifts for Children

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13 Products
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Santa Claus is coming to town, and he’s got a sack full of Map Marketing goodies for kids to delight over on Christmas day. We have boys and girls Christmas gifts that will have them laughing and learning all year long.

For Christmas gift ideas for kids, we have our popular and educational Inflatable Globe. Entertaining and informative, this globe will help to teach little ones about the countries of the world and where we are in the UK in relation to everyone else. Bright colours attract young eyes, as you ponder over the globe at night and discover the continents. They’ll be bursting to inflate this ball of fun come Christmas morning!

Christmas Gifts for Boys

For boys Christmas gifts, young puzzlers will love our Customised Map Jigsaw Puzzle Christmas gift. A truly unique present, send in your home address and postcode and we’ll create a one-of-a-kind puzzle just for your little one. Choose from 5 different map styles, depending on their favourite look. The Customised Map Jigsaw Puzzle comes in a beautiful vintage box, with space to write your own personal message, for a jigsaw that they’ll keep with them for life.

Here at Map Marketing, we have Christmas gifts for older kids too. Our School’s European Traveller Map is perfect for young wanderers who spend their time planning their next adventure. The Map is framed with high quality wood to be mounted on a bedroom wall, ready for adventuring dreams as they fall asleep at night.

The European Traveller map comes complete with 100 pins or translucent map stickers, perfect for children who have already visited some of the European sights when travelling. The laminate surface allows gift receivers to write on the map and make their own notes on where they’re planning on jetting off to next and when. Personalise this map with a special message in the title box on the map, to let your beloved know that you’re thinking of them, wherever they may venture to next.