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Gifts for Couples

Want to show a much loved couple just how much they mean to you this Christmas, but can’t quite find the words? Our collection of personalised map gifts has some great present ideas for couples this Christmas so you can show loved ones and friends just how fond of them you really are.

Map gifts for the Home

Map Marketing’s map gifts for couples arrange different map styles to create a stylish piece of wall art that will compliment any room. If the couple you know have just moved to a new house, then our Home Framed Map could be just the unique gift you’ve been looking for. By sending in the address and postcode of the couple’s new home, we zoom in on the house’s location and surrounding area, cutting a home shaped outline that holds their new favourite place. Wish the couple well in their new place in the accompanying message box, for an added finishing touch.

For Christmas gift ideas for parents, we propose our Personalised Church Map. Send in an address and postcode of the church where they were married and we’ll create a personalised gift in the style of a church. Your parents will delight in the happy memories this gift evokes - of posing in front of the church doors for official wedding snaps, driving down the nearby lanes newly married and on their way to the reception. You can add a sentimental note in the text box above the map, free of charge.

If you have several locations that come to mind when you think of the couple, then our Trio of Personalised Map Hearts makes a charming option. Simply provide 3 addresses including postcodes for the place they both grew up, and the place they now live, or other important locations that hold a special place in their heart and we’ll turn these into a gorgeous group of three mini maps, all featured in a stylish frame. This is a lovely Christmas gift for parents and grandparents, as they reminisce of times before.

All our map gifts come framed behind clear Perspex with art-quality mount board, ready to add a homely touch to any wall.