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8 Products

Here at Map Marketing, we think the presents inside your Christmas stocking are perhaps the most important of them all! The first gift you open when you wake up on Christmas morning, it sets the tone for the day. You want it to be a good one. With our range of Christmas stocking gifts, you can find that special present to suit explorers, puzzlers, lovers of all things vintage, and artsy people alike.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Our Map Jigsaw Coasters are not only efficient in protecting your furniture from a cup of hot cocoa or a mulled wine or two, but also act as a talking point for parties sat around the coffee or dining table. If you know a born and bred Londoner, then they’ll love these unique Christmas presents - as the four coasters are pieced together to form their favourite London borough. And if you know someone that loves to go out walking, the Ordnance Survey’s flagship map base will detail the surrounding fields, villages and towns around their favourite UK postcode address.

Know someone that loves to do some puzzling? With our Customised Map Jigsaw Puzzle, give them the gift of one-of-a-kind puzzle, based on one of their favourite places in either Great Britain or parts of England and Wales. Choose from 5 different map styles, from the old-fashioned  Victorian Ordnance Survey mapping print, to the modern day Bartholomew street level London mapping style (exclusive to postcodes within the M25). It’s guaranteed to be a puzzle they’ve never tried their hand at before.

Want to get a little one a gift that is both fun and educational? With our Inflatable Globe, they’ll have oodles of fun locating the countries of the world. Brightly coloured boundaries and lines get them thinking about the different countries that make up our continents, engaging inquisitive minds into a world of conversation with their elders.