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Quirky Map Gifts

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9 Products
There's something evocative about a map, they automatically draw out a sense of adventure. With our range of unique map gifts you can fill your own homes with unusual items based on maps, personalised to reflect the places important to you or your loved ones.

Maps have a universal appeal, as reminders of home or other loved places or as exciting promises of places yet to explore. There's something visually pleasing about a map, which makes them an ideal subject for art work and unusual gifts. Adorning more than walls, maps connect the home and its inhabitants to the outside world, invoking thoughts of both destinations and, sometimes more importantly, journeys.

Maps are no longer restricting to finding our way, instead they are used to evoke memories, become art and furnish our homes.  These quirky gifts aren’t your usual off the shelf items. We pride the option to personalise the area shown so that you can give a meaningful present. Map gifts make ideal presents all year round for all kinds of folk. For those who have a deep love of geography or history you could even give a portfolio mapping the changes to their area since the 1840s.

Presents depicting maps and aerial photographs also make lovely house warming gifts to welcome someone to their new area. For yourself, too, a useful item representing an area that holds special meaning can make you smile on your way round the home. Why not commemorate a honeymoon or first home over a cup of tea with map coasters.