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Creating Your Map

Creating your own customised map is simple, fast and affordable.   

Being a customised map making service means each map we make is different. Our map making team have a wealth of experience to suggest the best ways of getting what you really want from your map and their second to none customer service will mean the process is smooth, fast and tailored to your budget.

Define area to cover

How much of the UK you would like to see on your map? You can use one or a combination of the below.

  • Four places denoting a north, south, east and west edge of the map.
  • A list of counties or other established national boundaries.
  • A list of postcode Areas, Districts or Sectors - we can import spreadsheets.
  • A radial distance from a place or postcode.

Mapping styles and special features

Let us know if you have a map base preference from our map range

We can layer information on top of the mapping. Plotting point locations, sales territories, regional boundaries, logos or text

Examples of the special features here. We are happy to try and accommodate any request add your own data to the map.

Finishing options

How would you like you map supplied? We can print your map onto a variety of media including standard paper, laminated and framed.
Digital maps also available as PDFs digital versions.

Our Fast service - What happens next?

One of our dedicated map designers will review your requirements and create a map to meet your specifications. You will then receive a quotation along with sample images of your actual map. This gives you a chance to review and amended as required at no additional cost.

Your enquiry will be dealt with by the same person from start to finish ensuring you get the best service from someone who fully understands your request.  Our customised wall map service starts from as little as £70.00 and is fully tailored to you. We continue to offer quality maps at a highly competitive rate.

Contact the team direct on 01837 811 313 or via the customised map contact form.