Personalised Jigsaw Puzzles for Christmas

Give the gift of a stunning personalised map or newspaper jigsaw puzzle!

Personalised Map Jigsaw Puzzles - simply give us an address and we will create a map of that location and turn it into a fascinating and challenging jigsaw puzzle - our map jigsaw puzzles also feature a unique shaped piece at the centre to pinpoint your location! An amazing way to explore the area around you from the comfort of your own home and a completely unique Christmas gift idea! 

Personalised Newspaper Jigsaw Puzzles - Want to know what was front page news on a date that means something to you? We have a fantastic selection of newspaper jigsaw puzzles, including the Telegraph, the Times and the Guardian. Simply give us a date and choose your newspaper and we will find the front page from that date and transform it into a jigsaw. A fantastic gift for Christmas.



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