Stock jigsaws

We have a wide selection of stock jigsaw puzzles that you can sell in your shop on on your eCommerce store. We source and select images for jigsaw puzzles creation drawing from our years of experience in manufacturing and selling jigsaw puzzles direct to jigsaw puzzlers through our consumer brand All Jigsaw Puzzles.

Below you will find some of the designs that we carry - please contact us to find out about the full range that we carry. 

Incapability Brown 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle by Simon Drew

Incapability Brown from Simon Drew Jigsaw puzzle range

Cornwall from Tim Bulmer's Jigsaw Puzzle range

Chaos at the Royal Wedding from the Chaos Range from Ricardo Galvao

River Bend, Exmoor from Gill Erskine-Hill's jigsaw puzzle range

1 Million BC from the Ambler Cartoon Collection

Wavy Rainbow from the Impuzzibles range

Christmas Coaches by Steve Crisp from AJP Christmas range

The Christmas Scramble by Mike Jupp from the AJP Christmas range

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