Trade Jigsaw Puzzles

Do you run a store that sells jigsaws, or would you like to sell jigsaw puzzles?

Formerly known as RYCO Originals - Map Marketing's Trade Jigsaw Puzzle division supply and manufacture jigsaw puzzles for you to sell in your shop or on your eCommerce store. You can choose from our range of All Jigsaw Puzzle branded designs or create your own jigsaw puzzle from your own artwork.  Contact us today!

As a Trade Customer you have 2 options: 

  1. You can provide us with an image and we will create jigsaw puzzles for you 
  2. You can choose from our own range of Jigsaw Puzzle designs for our All Jigsaw Puzzles brand

1. Custom-made Jigsaws - short run jigsaw puzzles

We can make jigsaws from your design. Perfect for retailers and online stores, onsite gift shops at visitor attractions, school shops raising funds, shops within galleries and museums, charity shops and also for corporate gifts.

Custom jigsaws make great gifts; simply supply an image and our designers will send you an example of your jigsaw and box! Choose from 200 piece, 400 piece, 500 piece or 1,000 piece jigsaws.

Short Run jigsaw puzzle
  • Low minimum orders quantity.
  • All of our jigsaws are made from 92% recycled material and 8% from sustainable sources
  • Can be customised with your logo and title if required
  • Available as single picture or as a montage
  • We can even drop ship your jigsaws for you, if you don't want to hold stock!

Find out more about SHORT RUN JIGSAW PUZZLES by clicking here

 2. Stock Jigsaw Puzzles

The entire range of All Jigsaw Puzzles branded puzzles is available for wholesalers to order. This includes jigsaws by Mike Jupp, Ambler, Ricardo Galvao and many more.

Click here to find out more about STOCK JIGSAW PUZZLES by clicking here

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To set up an account, or for more information please contact us or call +44 (0)1837 811 319. We'd love to hear from you.

See some of our stock jigsaw puzzles below

Incapability Brown 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle by Simon Drew

Incapability Brown from Simon Drew Jigsaw puzzle range

Cornwall from Tim Bulmer's Jigsaw Puzzle range

Chaos at the Royal Wedding from the Chaos Range from Ricardo Galvao

River Bend, Exmoor from Gill Erskine-Hill's jigsaw puzzle range

1 Million BC from the Ambler Cartoon Collection

Wavy Rainbow from the Impuzzibles range

Christmas Coaches by Steve Crisp from AJP Christmas range

The Christmas Scramble by Mike Jupp from the AJP Christmas range



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