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Size: 120 x 83 cm (47 x 33 inches)

Product Code: BIC-18

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These laminated wall maps will look fantastic at home or in the office 

These laminated wall maps are packed with detail and make excellent, long-lasting maps that would look stylish on any wall. These specially designed laminated wall maps are permanently bonded between two sheets of tough, flexible, crystal-clear plastic. The finish allows you to "write on / wipe off" with dry or wet wipe pens and enhances the maps' appearance. 

Choose between these 3 exclusive laminated wall maps:

UK Postcode Laminated Wall Map  This map is fantastic for business planning and displays all the postcode boundaries in the UK as well as unitary authority information. The postcode areas and the unitary authority areas are clearly marked and are coloured differently to separate them and locate them easily. Each county is also clearly marked with a shortened name. 
Specifications: Size: 120 x 83 cm (47 x 33 inches) Scale: 1:800 000 (12½ miles to 1 inch)
UK Counties Laminated Wall Map  A very detailed map of all the countries found in the United Kingdom. This map shows all the County, District and Unitary Authority boundaries within the UK and divisions of each County in its local District Council areas are clearly shown. Each area is shown in different colours to differentiate from its neighbours, making it easier to pinpoint each boundary. Includes motorways and primary roads and features seven types of town/city "stamps" based on population ranging from 2,000 to 1,000,000+ inhabitants. Figures for all the regions shown on the map are given based on information supplied by the Local Government Commission and up-to-date as of 2010. 
Specifications:  Size: 120 x 83 cm (47 x 33 inches). Scale: 1:800 000 (12½ miles to 1 inch)
World Laminated Wall Map - Political  The map features time zone clocks, international airports, primary seaports, main railways as well as international, national and state boundaries. The countries are clearly defined with political colouring and main cities are clearly marked. At the base of the map is a panel displaying the official flag for each country detailing some basic socio-economic information including population and currency. 
Specifications: Size: 83 x 120 cm Scale 1:34 000 000 (537 miles to 1 inch)




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