Northern Ireland Parliamentary Map

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Size: 41 x 60 cm (16.1 x 23.6 inches)


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This map shows all electoral areas in Northern Ireland, colour-coded to show the elected party for that constituency in 2017. The text has been carefully resized to fit within each boundary creating a clear and accurate map. This Northern Ireland Parliamentary Constituencies wall map has an easy to use numbered index for each constituency as well as a colour-coded legend for each of the elected parties. 

Available in 4 different framing styles, black, dark wood and light wood, or Aluminium with metal backing which allows for magnets to be placed on to the map. Also available as a repositionable and self adhesive wall paper (please do not use wall paper glue for this, the wall paper map is self adhesive)

Map Features

  • A clear and accurate map
  • Easy to use numbered index
  • Colour-coded legend giving a visual reference for the political parties seats across Northern Ireland.

This colourful map is an ideal visual reference for anyone needing to see the distribution of political parties across Northern Ireland.


41 x 60 cm (16.1 x 23.6 inches) 

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