Map Art Gifts

Maps are no longer limited to finding your way; instead maps feature in interior design, entertainment and gifts.  They are perfect to jog a happy memory by pin pointing specific locations.

A decorative personalised map allows you to capture a significant place and time. Want to have a permanent reminder of where you met your loved one? A We First Met Here' postcode map is a romantic gift for a wedding anniversary or birthday of your loved one. All you need to do is supply the postcode and you can have a unique and personal map of where you first met your loved one whether it was in a restaurant, pub, shop, gym or bus stop.

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For the benefit of future generations you can make your memories permanent with a map based on any address in the country. You might want to show your children the house where you were born or grew up in. It's also a perfect gift for somebody who has just moved into a new home. With ordnance survey maps it is possible to create a map showing how the area you live in has changed over a century and a half. The significance of these gifts grows with the years.


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