Map Wall Paper - self adhesive wallpaper customised to your location

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Removable map wallpaper is our latest customised map gift product to be added to our extensive range of personalised map gifts.

With a range of sizes and orientations our map wallpaper comes in five set sizes and three orientations (Square, landscape and portrait). Our off-the-shelf sizes have been designed with the most typical wall sizes in mind.

We currently have three map styles to choose from, Ordnance Survey Landranger or Explorer mapping. And if you live or would like an address within the M25 then the Bartholomew street level London mapping is a great option.

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All our map wallpaper is self-adhesive and does not require wall paper paste or water to attach it to a wall. The special material we use means you can remove and reposition each strip of wallpaper during installation without damaging your wall mural or your wall.

At Map Marketing we love maps and we love the pleasure they give both young and old minds. Whether it be a child learning about maps for the first time or an adult discovering their local area all over again, we think map wallpaper is fantastic and the best way to put a map in any room in your home. Choose the location you live in now or maybe somewhere you used to live or a place that holds special memories. Transform a boring wall into something really quite special. It might be your home office, your living room, one of the kid’s bedrooms a wall under the stairs or even the downstairs loo! Get lost and let your mind wander with one of our fabulous personalised wallpaper wall maps.



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