Turning Art into a Jigsaw

Chris Cyprus jigsaw puzzles

A good puzzle always starts with a good image first and foremost and Chris Cyprus’s Allotted Time is an absolute corker. It is an original artwork by Chris, who is a Manchester based artist with a loyal following. Up until 2020 he had only sold giclée prints online. He made the brave move into jigsaws and choose a painting that is full of colour and fills every inch of the puzzle frame. Country scenes have always been popular in the jigsaw world, but this is a really contemporary urban image of an age-old pastime that really packs a punch. Showing men gardening at a Mossley allotment, it translates well into a 1000 piece jigsaw, housed inside our chunky white puzzle box with custom artwork on the lid. As an artist Chris was very exacting about the colour reproduction so we sent him samples of the artwork on our matt paper until we got the look and feel that he really wanted. Working in partnership with an artist is very important in getting a quality jigsaw to market.

Social Media Promotion

Chris has a popular social media following and he promoted his new jigsaw on Twitter with a competition to see who could post a photo of their finished 1000 piece puzzle first. It was great to see the response he received and everyone sharing photos of their puzzles in progress on the Twittersphere. We look forward to creating a new jigsaw from his easel in future, adding to his budding puzzle collection and helping an artist reach out further to his audience of fans.

 Chris cyprus tweet artist jigsaw puzzle progress art jigsaw puzzle social media post
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