Putting the Fun back into Puzzles

world of moose jigsaw puzzle

World of Moose came to us as they were unhappy with the quality of their existing jigsaw puzzle manufacturer and wanted to find a company they could trust. It was only when they Googled us that they realised we were only down the road from them in Devon! They popped in to visit our factory and see the jigsaws being made (this was pre-lockdown, just to reassure you), as we love to welcome visitors here. We created a pair of 1000 piece puzzles called ‘Parp’ and ‘Yes’ which showed the beautiful illustrative style of Moose in all its glory. We just love these puzzles. They are all that’s best about the new breed of business owner who is making the jigsaws they want to puzzle. No steam trains and thatched cottages here!

Artist Led Box Design

Moose took on the graphic design of his custom box and we provided our templates to design against. We can either design the box artwork for you or we welcome when you wish to do it yourself. Having free reign allowed Moose to ensure his brand was represented on the creative side and made certain the puzzle was instantly recognisable as a ‘World of Moose’ product. We like to be as flexible and accommodating with artists as we can be.

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