Staycation American Jigsaw

dark harbor jigsaw puzzle

It’s good to know that there is a small shop in Maine, USA that sells banana splits, toasted peanut butter jelly sandwiches and 1000 piece jigsaws that were made in Devon. Bill and Greg Warren met us in New York and said they always wanted to make a jigsaw to sell in their shop for the tourists who visit. Everyone likes to take away a seasonal gift to remind them of their stay a Dark Harbor. So they sent us two really striking paintings, one of their shop front and the other of the lighthouse and we created two 1000 piece jigsaws. Fully branded and attractive they are now a staple in their summer vacation season of ‘must have’ retail items for the shop.

We often make short run batches of jigsaws for companies in America. As we ship to the states daily we handle all the customs paperwork and deliver direct to your door safely. It’s easy, fast and efficient with an easy re-ordering service. No business is too small or too far away to benefit from a custom puzzle!



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