Personalised "My Town" Map Jigsaw Puzzles

An All Jigsaw Puzzles all time bestseller. It’s a jigsaw puzzle centred with a ‘house shaped piece’ in the middle which marks your home. Whether selecting a family home, college, sports field or business your customer will receive a puzzle that puts your chosen location at the very centre. This made-to-order map jigsaw puzzle offers a fantastic promotional gift.

All Time Bestseller

All across America, National Geographic have been selling this jigsaw for 20 years as a white labelled product, complete with a customised box. The appeal has been that all the customer has to do is type their address and zip code into the product page of their website, and we do the rest. We get notification of the order and then use US Geological Survey mapping to create a high-quality jigsaw puzzle centred on the exact address supplied – with the central jigsaw piece in the shape of a ‘house’.

The jigsaw covers an area of 7.5 miles (east-to-west) by 5 miles (North-to-South) of the address and is made of up of 400 pieces. The detailed image shows roads, contour lines, transport infrastructure, water features, vegetation and notable buildings. All presented in a handsome box. Each jigsaw is individually made to order using high quality 1.5mm millboard, and is hand finished by expert craftsmen. We drop-ship the puzzle into a central warehouse in Philadelphia where it is then delivered to the customer’s home address quickly and efficiently.

440 pieces |  32 x 47cm

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