City Centre Maps – covering nine major UK cities at Postcode Sector level

The Map Marketing City Sector Map series combines highly detailed street level mapping with the first part of the postcode and the first number of the second part, or Inward Code.

Ideal for detailed planning of delivery routes or catchment areas, the City postcode Sector Maps include all of the postcode changes from the most recent Royal Mail postcode Update. There are two sheets in the series covering London using the Collins Bartholomew street map base in greyscale. Out of London, cities are covered by Ordnance Survey street mapping that has been specially coloured to highlight the postcodes. On all maps the postcode Area, District and Sector boundaries and names appear prominently in red.


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Regional Road Map Range

How Sector Postcodes Work

Postcode Sectors (9,000 in total) which are denoted by the first number of the second part of the Postcode. This half of the Postcode is called the Inward Code.

Example: SW6 3

Sector Map Detail

Sheet Details
Scale: London S8 1:60 000 and S37 1:15 000, all other maps at 1:10 000

Postcode Sector City Key Map

Postcode City Sector Maps 1 Bristol Postcode City Sector Maps 2 Birmingham Postcode City Sector Maps 3 Cardiff Postcode City Sector Maps 4 Edinburgh Postcode City Sector Maps 5 Glasgow Postcode City Sector Maps 6 Leeds Postcode City Sector Maps 7 Liverpool Postcode City Sector Maps 8 Manchester Postcode City Sector Maps 9 Newcastle-upon-Tyne Postcode Sector Map 37 Central London


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