Regional Road Maps – a series of laminated and framed maps covering Great Britain

This series of regional road maps is published exclusively by Map Marketing. This is one map in an eight-sheet map set, updated annually using the latest mapping data from Collins Bartholomew to cover the whole of Great Britain in considerable detail. Most roads are shown with motorways, trunk roads, dual carriageways, main and secondary routes all prominently depicted in an easy to read style. A helpful mileage guide is included along with city centre street plans for the major cities on each map. Ideal for regional route planning, these maps also feature helpful information such as railways, airports, county boundaries and rivers.


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Regional Road Map Range

Regional Map Detail

Sheet Details

Size: 96 x 130 cm (38 x 51 inches)

Scale: 1:250 000 (3.94 miles: 1 inch)

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Regional Roads Key Map

Regional Road Map 1 Northern Scotland, Orkney and Shetland Regional Road Map 2 Western Scotland and Western Isles Regional Road Map 3 Southern Scotland and Northumberland Regional Road Map 4 Northern England Regional Road Map 5 East Midlands and East Anglia including London Regional Road Map 6 Wales and West Midlands Regional Road Map 7 South West England and South Wales Regional Road Map 8 South East England Including London


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