Finishing Options

Map Marketing bespoke framing service, select from a choice of frame styles to perfectly finish off your wall map.

Self-adhesive wallpaper - Repositionable

Some of our maps now come in a self-adhesive wallpaper format that you can remove and reposition as many times as you like. Printed self-adhesive wallpaper material that comes with a backing paper this needs to be removed before you install your wall mural. As it’ s self-adhesive you can reposition the map as many times as you like during installation without damaging the map or the wall. This tough patented fabric will stick to any non-porous flat surface and remove easily without leaving any residue. It does not remove paint from a primed wall and is even safe to apply over existing wallpaper, it applies without wrinkles and does not rip. In fact, it is so robust that, you can even scrunch it up and still pull it apart and stick it back onto a wall where all wrinkles will smooth out.


Our Bespoke mapping department can create affordable, unique site-centred maps covering just the area you need. Choose from a wide range of map styles, scales, data overlays and finishing options. Click here for more information or get a customised map

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